Popular Front condemns the vilification campaign against the organization

The meeting of the National Executive Council of Popular Front of India strongly condemned the vilification campaign launched by certain sections of media and challenged them to produce concrete evidence to prove their allegations. They quote an alleged National Investigation Agency report which looks like a rehash of false propaganda carried by the Hindutva organizations especially RSS. The cases listed by the media quoting NIA are so insignificant and unrelated to Popular Front as an organization. The meeting has decided to move legally against this ill-advised propaganda.
In another resolution, the NEC of Popular Front has expressed its concern and anguish on the alleged NIA report and asked the agency to convince the nation its neutrality and objectivity in the investigation. Already there is an observation that NIA soft-pedals the terror cases in which Hindutva groups are involved like Malegaon, Ajmer, Samjotha, Mecca Masjid etc. NIA did not oppose in the court the bail petitions of the accused in most of these cases and the special public prosecutor herself has alleged that there was pressure on her to go soft in the court. There is also suspicion that NIA instead of investigating specific crimes goes beyond its remit and tries to be selective in following Muslim organizations. It is to serve the political agenda of Hindutva groups. Recent reports coming out in the name of NIA have further lowered the creditability of the agency.
The meeting also expressed the view that the decision of the central government to deport the Rohingyan refugees is inhuman. It violates basic human rights and international covenants on refugees. It also goes against our long tradition of giving refuge to people running away from persecution and torture. It is quite shocking that the central government is worried about 40,000 Rohingyan refugees as a security threat which is an echo of the position of the Myanmar regime. The meeting called upon all organizations and human rights groups to extend relief to the beleaguered Rohingyan people in our country and put pressure on the government to change its policy.
Chairman E Abubacker presided over the meeting. National functionaries, Zonal Presidents and members of NEC attended the meeting.

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