Home Minister makes mockery of constitution: Popular Front

Popular Front of India Chairman E Abubacker has questioned Union Home Minister Amitsha’s remarks made at BJP seminar in West Bengal which indicated that citizenship would be granted based on religion excluding Muslims. He said that the Home Minister who took oath of office to abide by Indian constitution had made mockery it. Our constitution blatantly rejects religious discrimination and upholds secularism as one of its foundational principles.

Amit Shah says that Hindu, Sikh, Jain and Buddhist refugees will get Indian citizenship once the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill is passed, which, he assures, will happen before implementing nationwide NRC. It officially underlines the fact that the sole intention of behind the whole exercise of NRC and Citizenship Amendment Bill is to discriminate Muslims. He doesn’t even bother to explain how is it possible that when foreigners living India belonging to other religions automatically become refugees, only Muslims become infiltrators on account of their religion. The country has never witnessed such an open and blatant expression of religious hatred from someone holding such high position in the ruling party and government. Popular Front is of the opinion that tolerating this degree of hubris and unaccountability to the constitutional principles is ultimately going to destroy, not just Muslims, but the whole country and its people irrespective of religion. If the oath of allegiance to the constitution Amit Shah took while assuming office as Home Minister does not mean anything to him, he no longer has the moral right to represent it.

E Abubacker also stated the latest statement of RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat that India is a Hindu Rashtra
also conveys the same message of religious discrimination.
RSS may have managed to come to power with the mandate of minority of the Indian voters. Majority of the country has never accepted RSS’s Hindu Rashtra nor have they voted for BJP yet. He reminded it is only a matter of time that the minority that voted BJP to power thinking they would bring development and progress to the country, too rejects their failing governance.