Popular Front condemns the attack on Indian army base

NEW DELHI: Popular Front Chairman KM Shareef in a statement strongly condemned the attack on Indian army base in Uri which killed 18 Indian soldiers. He expressed deep condolences on the lives lost in the attack. Our prayers are with the families and friends of the brave men who sacrificed their lives while defending the nation, he said.

The people behind this dastardly attack have created a warlike atmosphere in the region. They are clearly enemies of peace and have little concern about the lives of the innocent people of the subcontinent. The attack will undoubtedly affect the peace and stability of the region and have disastrous consequences in both the countries for years to come. Both Pakistan and India have sufficient supply of jingoistic elements who want to cash in on such incidents.

He called upon the Pakistani authorities to stop sponsoring the forces of terror and instability in the region.

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