Popular Front cautions against sensationalizing Al-Qaeda video

Popular Front chairman KM Shareef cautioned against sensationalizing the Al-Qaeda video, which shows the group’s head Aiman Azzawahiri announcing that his group is extending its activities into the Indian subcontinent, while the authenticity of the video still remain unknown. Shareef said that numerous such video tapes came out with similar claims had latter been proved to be fake or propaganda tools of war mongering superpowers who wants to expand their hegemony in third world countries including India. He appealed to the authorities and Muslim community not to fall prey to such agendas.

Shareef also mocked the idea that Indian Muslims, the third largest Muslim population in the world, is waiting for some outside liberators like Al-Qaeda whose relevance has almost come to its end in its own bastions.

“With all their problems and opportunities, Indian Muslims are capable of taking their fate into their own hands without any outside assistance. Of course, neither Al-Qaeda nor any such groups can have any impact here”, the statement continued.

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