Popular Front welcomes the Vice President’s statement on affirmative action for Muslims

New Delhi: Popular Front Chairman KM Shareef welcomed the speech made by the Vice President Hamid Ansari at the golden jubilee of All India Muslim Majlis-e- Mushavara that called for affirmative action to solve the issue of Muslim backwardness.
Shareef said that the Vice President’s stand on the issue is absolutely in tune with the spirit of Indian constitution which prescribes reservation as means for ensuring adequate representation for weaker sections who have become backward due to historical reasons. The communal fascist elements in our country have traditionally disliked the constitutional principle of social justice. Some of the hotheads in BJP are calling the statement communal simply because of the fact that they don’t like equity and justice for the poor and the deprived. Any development measures without seriously addressing the issue of social inequality prevalent in our country will be futile. Hamid Ansari has rightly pointed out this fact citing various commission reports which show that Muslims are on the lowest rung of development.
Shareef said that the Vice President’s call for affirmative action should be an eye opener to government and political parties on the issue.

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