Act against the atrocities on Rohingya Muslims: Popular Front

The Central Secretariat of Popular Front of India in a statement issued after its meeting has condemned the genocidal attacks on Rohingya Muslims and urged the international community to act against the atrocities being perpetrated by Myanmar Security forces and state supported Buddhist militias.

According to reports, between 2,000-to-3,000 Muslims died in Rakhine state, thousands others got injured and hundreds of thousands were displaced in the deadly operation opened recently by Myanmar security forces. Almost a thousand Muslims were killed in a day in Saugpara village, Rathedaung alone. Thousands are desperately waiting at the Myanmar-Bangladesh border which has been closed by Bangladeshi authorities.

We are witnessing coldblooded genocide by Buddhist militias with the support of a racist Myanmar government since 2012. During past six years, there have been reports of gang rapes, brutal beatings and massacres including that of women and children. Beleaguered Rohingya population is systematically being wiped out from the country. Neighboring countries have turned their blind eye to the genocide and refused to help the refugees.

Popular Front demanded the United Nations to intervene to ensure the security of the people and various international agencies to lead the rescue relief activities in the region. The organisation called upon the international community to condemn the atrocities and put pressure on Myanmar to end the war crimes against Rohingya Muslims. The meeting also urged all neighbouring countries including India to help these refugees on humanitarian ground and provide them shelter till they could return to their land.

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