Popular Front intervention: Court rejects bail application of 14 accused in Jharkhand lynching

The bail application filed by 14 accused arrested in connection with the lynching of four Muslim
cow traders were rejected by the Sessions Court after Popular Front activists filed objections to
their bail applications.
On 18 May in 2017, four Muslim cow traders were brutally lynched to death by a mob by falsely
accusing them of child abduction, in Shobhapur village of Sareikala district in Jharkhand. Total
18 people were arrested in connection with the inhuman crime. Popular Front leaders visited
the families of the victims and upon request of the families, decided to provide legal aid in their
fight for justice. A delegation led by the Chairman of Popular Front of India, E Abubacker also
visited the families of this victims of mob lynching and promised all possible support.
The state leaders of the organization said that they struggled to find lawyers since most of the
lawyers were reluctant to intervene in the case out of fear. It is after frequent visits to the place
and efforts to build their confidence that finally some of them agreed. Leaders had also to get
advocates from Ranchi to intervene. With their help, Popular Front leaders filed objection
petitions to each bail application filed by the accused and managed to beat all the nine bail
applications filed 14 lynch accused in Sessions Court. One bail application and one anticipatory
bail application of four other accused are pending for hearing. The Jharkhand state leaders of
Popular Front said that this is a small victory and the legal battle would continue until justice is
fully done to the victims.

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