Popular Front demands the release of all life convicts who are behind the bars for more than ten years

The State Executive Council of Popular Front of India met at Ramanathapuram on August 19 and 20. State President A.S.Ismail and other functionaries participated. M. Mohamed Ali Jinnah, National Secretary also participated and the following resolutions were passed in the council.

1. The 68th Independence Day of the nation was celebrated by Popular Front of India all over the nation with the theme ‘Be the sentinel of Freedom’. Flag hoisting, public programs, blood donation and welfare schemes were implemented as part of the celebration. Prior permission was requested from the police department, but the department refused permission for the public program in certain places, thereby acting against the democratic values. This Executive Council condemns this act of the police and requests the State Government to safeguard the democratic principles.

2. This council request the State Government to release all the life convicts who are behind the bars for more than ten years, on account of the birthday of Aringar Anna (September 15).

3. The State Government should immediately implement the High Court ruling that calls for the reinstatement of the public welfare department.

4. Its saddening to see that the Sethu Samudram Project, the development project of the State, is hampered by political reasons and communal thoughts. The Council condemns the alternate route submitted by the Central Government and calls for the project to be implemented in the same route as prescribed earlier.

5. The fishermen of Tamil Nadu are regularly assaulted and arrested by the Sri Lanka navy. The Central and State Governments should immediately look into this issue.

6. The health of the people is essential for the well being of the nation. Popular Front of India is organizing the project ‘Healthy people Healthy Nation’ to highlight this theme. This year it has been decided to implement the project from October 15 to October 30 in the State.

7. Popular Front of India has been giving scholarship to the deserving students every year. Last year 2150 students, including 154 students from Tamil Nadu were benefitted by the scholarship. This year the council has decided to give Rs. 15,00,000/- towards the scholarship.



A. Khalid Mohamed, 

State General Secretary,

Popular Front of India,


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