Popular Front announces ‘Stop Hatred’ campaign

Popular Front of India is holding a month long campaign called ‘Stop Hatred’ from September 1 to 30, against the growing atmosphere of hate in the country. The Ideals of tolerance and peaceful co-existence has been seriously threatened by the recent political and social developments in our country, especially after the present central government coming to power. We are witnessing a surge in the communal vigilantism against people for what they speak and what they eat. The innocent people, especially Dalits and Muslims are brutally beaten up and even killed in public by mobs in the name of cow protections or some other flimsy grounds. And their videos are circulated through social media as though to encourage more such violence. The environs of the country are being polluted by the malignant speeches of some Hindutva leaders calling for even the annihilation of religious minorities. The polarization thus created for political purposes are disuniting the people and may lead to disintegrating the entire nation. Popular Front feels that it is high time for all peace loving people of all sections irrespective of their religious, political or social denominations, to rise up, stop and defeat these forces of violence and hatred. Therefore we are reaching out to the people with this campaign carrying the message of unity and peaceful co-existence among Indian citizens
Various programmes will be organized across the country as part of the campaign including public meetings, posters, peoples rallies, get-togethers, table discussions, etc. The campaign will be inaugurated in a grand public meeting to be held in the southern most district Kanyakumari and will be conclude in the capital city of New Delhi. We appeal the people of the country and the media to support the campaign.

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