Popular Front chairman visits family of lynch victim Rakbar Khan

Popular Front of India chairman E. Abubacker yesterday visited family members of Rakbar Khan at Koalgaon in Haryana about 150 kms from New Delhi who was lynched by cow terrorists. He was lynched to death in Alvar 4 days ago on 21st July. This town has gained notoriety because of 4 incidents of lynching in the last 11 months.
Rakbar is survived by an aged father who is still in a state of shock. His 22 year old wife does not understand what happened and her 2 year old daughter is awed by the presence of so many people visiting them suddenly. His mother and sister lost control when they remembered the mutilated body of their family member. Haroon, the brother of victim, who reached home from his workplace in Kerala shared their feelings with chairman. Haroon expressed firm resolve to fight for justice and sought the support of the organization. The village men were found vigilant about attempts of the administration to protect the killers by just suspending 3 policemen claiming that it was death due to police negligence and not by lynching.
E. Abubacker stated that the state support to cow terrorists is responsible for repeated lynching of Muslims in the region. It is shocking that even after a brutal mob attack; Alwar police refused to provide treatment to the victim and kept him in custody for hours while they ensured the cow is safe.
Chairman also condemned the statement by RSS leaders Indresh Kumar which suggested if beef eating is stopped then lynching also would be stopped. He is either encouraging mobs to take law into their hands to kill people over beef or is justifying such killings. E. Abubacker demanded to arrest such people for instigating violence against innocents and put them behind bars.
Popular Front National Secretary Abdul Wahid Sait and North Zone president A. S. Ismail and local leaders accompanied the chairman in the visit.

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