Defeat UAPA Amendment Bill: Popular Front General Secretary writes to Rajya Sabha MPs

Popular Front of India General Secretary M. Mohammed Ali Jinnah has today requested all the non-NDA Rajya Sabha MPs to defeat the UAPA Amendment Bill passed by Lok Sabha, by voting against it in the Upper House. He reminded that the mistake committed by them by allowing to pass the controversial NIA Amendment Bill, in spite of clear majority of non-NDA parties in Rajya Sabha should not get repeated. The message was conveyed to MPs individually via E-Mail.
Full text of the mail:
“We hope that this letter finds you in good health and democratic spirits.
It is with disappointment that we learned the fact that the Lok Sabha on 24-07-2019 passed the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Amendment Bill 2019. Though strong opposition through valid questions and concerns was raised against the bill by opposition members, unfortunately only eight, members voted against the bill, while the rest mostly abstained from voting. As you know very well, the past five years have seen wide misuse of UAPA by the central and state governments against all forms of democratic expression of dissent. It was used to target Muslims, Dalits and activists opposing the government. Muslim organizations were specially targeted. That makes the present expansion of the law by adding more draconian provisions a matter of grave concern.
Empowering more a communally biased government with autocratic tendencies to designate individuals as terrorist is tantamount to opening doors for the violation of civil liberties. This in turn will erode our democracy and constitutional values of freedom and justice. Therefore, the bill must be prevented from becoming a law. Since the NDA is not enjoying majority, now it is possible if all opposition members vote against the bill when it comes for voting in Rajya Sabha.
Therefore on behalf of Popular Front of India, in the best interest of our nation and its people, we humbly request you and your party colleagues in Rajya Sabha to vote against the bill and defeat the draconian move of BJP government.”