Take strong action against caste hooligans in Gujarat: Popular Front

New Delhi: In a statement responding to the Hindutwa attacks on Dalits in Gujarat, Popular Front of India Chairman KM Shareef demanded strong action against the culprits and ensure the safety and security of the Dalits. It is shameful for a democratic society that a group of people attacked others for their food habits and then lynched them in public that too in the presence of police.

Through such attacks, Hindutwa mobs are trying block what has traditionally been a source of income and cheaper source of nutrient food to the poor. In a civilized society such things should not happen. It is hopeful that Dalits are waking up to the fact that they were being used against their own interests for the ulterior political motives of the upper castes. The attacks on the Dalits are proving that the tall claims of the Sangh Parivar about much vaunted Hindu unity are just a ploy to keep the Dalits in servitude.

The Chairman expressed support to the struggle of Dalit people for justice and right to eat what they like. He also demanded to bring the perpetrators to book and give compensation to the victims. He asked the state government to take steps to control the hate mongers and demagogues who engineer such attacks.

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