NIA Amendment Bill 2019: Opposition parties betrayed people: Popular Front

Popular Front of India secretary Abdul Wahid Sait in a statement has said that the passing of NIA Bill in both houses with nominal opposition is a proof that Indian parliament is getting tuned to authoritarian agenda of deep state. Only a few had the courage to question and vote against highly objectionable NIA Amendment Bill 2019. The opposition parties were tamed and intimidated regarding the Bill with the warning of Home Minister under the pretext of national security.

The track record of National Investigation Agency is enough to prove Amit Sha’s assurances against misuse of NIA to be hollow. With existing powers, it has proved highly partisan and prejudiced against Muslims and weaker sections in the country. It often served the interests of those in power and has been incompetent in dealing with cases of Hindutva attacks in the country. The present amendment conferring additional powers to such a corrupt agency is therefore not merely a concern of minorities, but a concern of the whole nation.

By voting in favour of the Bill, parties like Congress, SP and BSP have betrayed people who voted for them. Indian Union Muslim League decision to abstain from the voting on the Bill was also highly irresponsible. It was an opportunity for the party which claims to represent the persecuted Muslim community to convey community’s true sentiment by voting against it. Sadly, it chose to be on the wrong side and proved its impotence when it came questioning authoritarian agenda.
Abdul Wahid Sait appreciated the courage expressed by parliament members belonging to AIMIM, CPI, CPM and National Conference who upheld their principled stand by voting against the Bill. It takes moral courage and true sense of democracy to tell truth even when you are massively outnumbered. Abdul Wahid Sait added that the stand taken by opposition parties in the parliament is enough to question their claim as the real alternative to BJP