Popular Front chairman calls government refusal of Gaza discussion a betrayal of national policy

New Delhi: Popular Front chairman K M Shareef in a statement issued here today has said that the government refusal to a debate in the parliament about Gaza situation amounts to justifying the cruelties of Israel upon the people of Palestine. He further stated that by this act of suppressing even the right of parliamentarians to express their views on any aspect of Israel-Palestine issue, the NDA government has betrayed the traditional Indian policy of supporting the democratic and civil rights of Palestine people.

Many countries have come forward to condemn the indiscriminate airstrikes of Israel which have already taken hundreds of innocent civilians and have left thousands injured including women and children. By turning a blind eye to their suffering, India is giving a wrong message to the world. He added that Government refusal to condemn the cruelties will be viewed as a deviation from our principled foreign policy and tradition which had always stood by the side oppressed people against all kinds of imperialist aggressions.

K M Shareef also cast his doubts over the meeting of Baba Ramdev’s aide Pratap Vaidik with controversial leader Hafiz Saeed during his Pakistan visit. He demanded RSS and BJP to disclose to people their intention behind building rapport with suspected foreign elements through their emissaries.

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