Popular Front welcomes Supreme Court stay on cattle trade ban

The statement issued by Popular Front of India Central Secretariat meeting has welcomed the SC order which stayed the new restrictions on cattle trade imposed by the central government and the decision to apply nationwide, the Madras High Court’s recent stay on the cattle sale ban. The order definitely comes as a relief to millions of poor people whose livelihood depends on cattle and beef trade. The apex court verdict is warning to those who are instigating communal riots and mob lynching in the name of cow protection. Going by the SC order, Central Government and state governments must come forward with effective measures to stop the cruelties of cow vigilantism that has taken dozens of live in a matter of few months at various parts of the country.
Condemns attack on Amarnath pilgrims
The Central Secretariat meeting strongly condemned the brutal attack on the pilgrims returning from Amarnath. There is no justification for any group or force under any circumstances to lay hands on innocents. Along with those involved in the attack, those who masterminded it also must not be allowed to escape. At the same time, authorities must not allow camps with divisive interests using the incident as an excuse for their hate mongering and vilification of Kashmiri people. The truth behind some versions appearing in the media such as the attack was not directed at the Amarnath yatris but the bus was caught in a cross fire between militants and the security forces also have to be brought to light. The meeting while conveying condolence to the families demanded an impartial and thorough investigation going deep into all aspects

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