Popular Front hails Supreme Court verdict on Darul Qada as positive

New Delhi: Popular Front of India General Secretary O M A Salam responding on the news reports of latest Supreme Court verdict on Sharia Courts said that there is nothing called Sharia court functioning anywhere in our country. The reports suggestive of the existence of such “parallel courts” were misleading. Nor has such a demand ever come up from Muslims and any of their platforms. He said that the Supreme Court verdict only reiterated this fact while it rejected the petition demanding the ban of Fatwa and Darul Qada alleging that they are parallel courts.

In fact Darul Qadas are nothing more than locally maintained dispute management system which intervenes only in the affairs of those who approach them. Darul Qada does not demand absolute obedience from people; if one finds its decisions unsatisfactory, he can reject it. It is undoubted that this system has been of great help for both for Muslim community and Indian Judiciary. In fact Supreme Court agreed on the importance and need of dispute settlement efforts like Darul Qadha

It is also noteworthy that Supreme Court fairly highlighted the right of Muslims to go on with their religious functional bodies. O M A Salam pointed out that unfortunately such an important verdict was presented very negatively by a section of media creating baseless anxieties among Muslim community and others.

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