Popular Front – Tamil Nadu State organised Unity March at Melapalyam, Tirunelveli district on June 30,2019.

The Unity Parade and Public Meeting on behalf of Popular Front of India commenced this evening (30.06.2019) at Jinnah Stadium and concluded at the Muslim High School Playground. The rally was inaugurated by General Secretary of State A. Khalid Mohammed. State President M. Muhammad Ismail presided over the Public meeting. PFI National Secretary-General Mohammed Ali Jinnah, SDPI State President V.M.S. Mohamed Mubarak were also present in the meeting.

PFI National Secretary-General Mohammad Ali Jinnah in his address

The Popular Front of India held a unity rally and public meeting on February 17, the founding day of the Popular Front of India. But in Tamil Nadu alone, a negative situation was created by the ruling class. It won it through a legal struggle and today there is a very united march.

Our country is going through a dangerous period in which our great democracy and plurality are under attack by democracy and diversity.

Whoever speaks against Modi and the central government, are monitored and targeted. The most recent example of this is Sanjiv Bhatt, an IAS officer who was made a life prisoner by political reprisals. Bhatt has been reprimanded for giving a true testimony to the Supreme Court in front of the Nanavati Commission against Modi. There are many such incidents in our country.

Similarly, in our multi-faceted nation today, there is an environment in which one cannot practise his religion and worship. They are hated, chased, and killed for the sole purpose of being Muslims. This has become a common occurrence in many parts of our country. It is enough to kill a person if he has a beard, skull cap or Muslim sign. The BJP and the RSS are misusing the NRC plan to put its own citizens under the shadow of suspicion or to deport them. Even if they submit all the evidence to the NRC office, the petition is dismissed without any reason. They are conducting a formality exercise, deciding that 25 million people are not Muslim.

Similarly, the BJP/RSS slogan is ‘One Nation, One Election’. You can hear it from the tents. The slogan of this ‘One Nation, One Election’ is a dangerous proposition that could put our Indian federalist philosophy on the path to destruction. The plan of this ‘One Nation, One Election’ is a state where the rights of the state are gradually surrendered. There is no sense in quietly passing this country and the people who love it so much, in the context of the assault on Indian democracy, diversity and the rights of the people and their lives.

We must come forward to fight for the right to justice. RSS Fascism is not a force which we cannot be brought down. There are many great forces in history. They have been made unconscious here. So we who are concerned with justice can bring about a change if we are determined to fight for it. Lies are the foundation of RSS fascism. So lying is inherent in its nature, and that lie is only a manifestation of what it is. The truth is strong in nature. It can provide several times more strength when exposed.

Therefore, there is no need to show the consequences of victory or failure in the fight for justice without worrying about the consequences. There is no precedent example of such a struggle for the RSS BJP. We are having such examples like Tippu Sulthan, Bagath Singh and Tirunelveli Kattabomman who lost their lives for Justice.

There are many such examples. They may have lost their lives for justice. But they are still living today. So regardless of success or failure, what we live for and why we die is a meaningful question. So if we fight for justice history will congratulate you, if we not then history will condemn you for a long time. People of this country should be prepared to fight the fascist tyrants to protect our people and our rights.

In the end, Nellai District President J. Mohammed Ali expressed gratitude. More than 5000 people attended the event.