CFI National Committee Resolutions

Bangalore: Campus front of India held its National council in Bangalore. Presided by its National President the council in its two day meeting discusses important issues related to students and the Nation. Many decisions were made in the council regarding concerning issues and the organisational structure. After the discussion multiple resolutions were passed which are as following.

1. New government, old policies

The National Committee is of the view that the present NDA regime led by Narendra Modi is the old wine in new bottle .It is following the neo liberal economic policies now with occasional chants of Hindutva agenda like saffronisation of education, rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits, repeal of Article 370 etc. It is for the same reason that Indian National Congress ended up with a paltry 44 seats.
Although the NC is dismayed and saddened with the results and formation of the NDA Government we re-iterate that our resolve to fight fascism and anti-people economic and social policies has only grown stronger. The student community will resist every move of the communal forces to undermine Indian democracy and pluralism. We appeal to all the likeminded student forces to join hands as there are challenging days ahead which can only be overcome by unity and mutual co-operation.

2. Rollback FYUP:
Another new academic year has started in Delhi University; it is worth remembering that the then Rajya Sabha Leader of the Opposition and current Cabinet Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley had opposed the FYUP (Four Year Undergraduate Programme). Similarly another Cabinet Minister Mr. Ram Vilas Paswan had also opposed the FYUP; he even participated in a dharna along with another BJP MP Mr. Udit Raj (who ran a campaign against FYUP) on Jantar Mantar. Ironically now even the NSUI has also retreated and is opposing FYUP. There is not a single student organisation favour of the said programme. We demand all those who opposed it and pledged its rollback to come clean on their promises and press for immediate suspension of the programme. We also demand to ensure that steps be taken to protect the students who took admission last year.

3. Rein in the saffron mobs
There is evidence that even before the announcement of results of Lok Sabha elections 2014 the violent saffron mobs have gone berserk and started attacking dalits and minorities. The rape and horrendous murder of Ddalit girls in Badayun and the dastardly killing of IT professional in Pune are signs of growing criminality of the hate-mongering Hindutwa mobs. The social media hate-mongering have blown to mind numbing proportions. UP and Maharashtra are on the radar of saffron mobs due to various reasons..
We demand both the Union and State governments to ensure the safety of minorities and dalits. We also demand the state governments to rein in the saffron mobs with iron grip and make them realize that only government has changed, not the Constitution and secular nature of India.

4. Stop Mockery of Democracy in Middle-east:
Last week the “Butcher of Rabia-Aldawiyya” Gen.Abdul Fatah Al Sisi took oath as President of Egypt by winning 97% of the votes in a sham election in which less than 12% voters participated. With this the Egyptian revolution has been made completely redundant and the country has gone back to the bleak days of military dictatorship supported by US, Israel and the Gulf monarchies. Similarly Bashar Al-Assad of Syria has won with 88.7% majority. It’s really hilarious to see dictators using ballot boxes to remain in power.
Campus Front of India rejects these sham elections and extends its solidarity and support to the valiant youth fighting for democratic values. We also demand Indian government to use all the diplomatic ways to promote democratic system in the region.
5. A Decade of Looking Other way, Ishrat Jahan Fake Encounter:
Those who have soul will never forget the incident, where an innocent girl was first kidnapped, then murdered in a fake encounter to get some medals and accolades from a government that was habitual to reward such operations.
It’s been a decade since a innocent girl died for being just poor and Muslim. It was a moment of National shame when this girl had to die and the culprits occupy high offices and are showcased as some sort of revolutionaries.
Campus front of India on the 10th death anniversary of Ishrat Jahan who was killed in a fake encounter (as far as CBI concluded) demands the President of India to take notice of the case personally and get justice to the victims and punish the accused .It is unfortunate and ugly truth of Indian democracy that those responsible for the encounter, instead of being in jail, are occupying high offices in Indian system, yet there is a hope that justice will prevail in this democratic , constitution abiding country of ours.

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