Murder of farmer: Popular Front takes out protest, demands action against the criminals

Popular Front of India activists and villagers took out a huge protest against police inaction on the Murder of Saman Ali( 45), a farmer in Koimari village in Baksa district of Assam.
He was found dead in the field he had taken on lease from BhagwanMedhi, who lives in the neighboring village. It is learnt that Saman Ali, who had gone to the field on June 1st as usual, was found dead there at about 2:00.
The villagers accused the same youths, who had earlier destroyed Salman’s crops, of being behind his murder. “Though Salman had complained about the youths to Bhagwan, he had nothing about it” they said. That makes Bhagwan a suspect in the case. Though police arrested Bhagwan, they let him go due to the pressure from his villagers. Instead of arresting real culprits, the villagers believe police is trying to divert the case by arresting innocent people on false charges.
It is due to this inaction and attempts to protect the criminals at the cost of innocents that Popular Front of India Assam state committee took out the proteston June 2 in the village. The protesters blocked the roads and demanded immediate arrest of the murders. They also demanded 20 lakh compensation be paid to the family of the victim.
Shops and stores in the market remained shut. MP and MCLA of the constituency visited the place and listened to the demands of the protesters. Protesters gave 3-day time to the authoritiesto take appropriate actions and warned of bigger protests in case of inaction on their demands. More than 1000 people including Popular Front activists and the villages participated in the protest

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