Lok Sabha Election: Learning lessons from setback; Strive to build an inclusive India

The Central Secretariat meeting of Popular Front of India, in statement issued after the Lok Sabha election results, has said that the the victory of BJP led alliance does not reflect the ultimate defeat of secular politics in India. Rather it has only proved the success of vehement communal propaganda and the failure of secular parties in taking appropriate steps to counter their strategies. The meeting pointed out that in spite of these failures, the idea of India as a secular democratic socialist republic will survive.
BJP victory, despite leading a government that was a failure in all fronts, demands close scrutiny. The fact that BJP managed to win the support of a considerable section of Indian society even after five years of anti-people rule shows the triumph of communal politics over developmental issues in India. It must be acknowledged that the secular parties repeated the mistake they had committed in 2014 by not leading a joint fight by leaving aside their ideological differences and petty ego clashes among leaders. On the other hand, along with RSS communalization campaign at the grassroots level, NDA has tried to take maximum number of regional parties into their fold. In states like UP and Delhi, instead of fighting each other, if opposition parties joined hand, the result would have been different. Their step to form a broad alliance by declaring a new ‘Secular Democratic Front’ came only after the conclusion of polling. Once again the responsibility of defeating BJP has been given to minorities only, while the secular forces, by fighting each other in many constituencies, has put even the minorities in more difficult situation.
The meeting reminded that the election should serve as an eye opener to all. Democracy can survive only with an accountable government and responsible opposition. Both groups are duty bound to protect people’s rights and guard the constitutional and democratic values.
That section of the society who has always been at receiving end of the communal politics and has cherished a regime change doesn’t have to fall into despair. The marginalized and victimized sections have to continue their efforts of empowering themselves by aligning with all positive elements in the country.
As a permanent solution to save the nation and its people from the clutches of authoritarianism, capitalism and communalism an ideologically committed and strategically sound new political force and leadership should emerge. Popular Front has reaffirmed its resolve to politically empower the toiling masses to enjoy equal justice and rights enshrined in the Indian constitution.