Disunity of Secular parties responsible for BJP victory: Popular Front

New Delhi: Popular Front of India chairman KM Shareef in a statement said that the results of legislative assembly elections show that unethical and opportunist politics of the parities that claims to be standing for secularism and minority rights helped BJP to have unprecedented election gains in Assam and Kerala.
While parties like Congress, CPI (M) and AIUDF, the key players in Assam and Kerala were speaking against fascism day and night to influence minority votes, they were not ready for alliance or joint voting strategy for a single candidate in constituencies with BJP winning chance.
CPI (M) and Congress had no difficulty in forming an alliance against Trinamool Congress in West Bengal. Had they been able to adopt a similar strategy in selected constituencies of Kerala BJP would not have opened account with one seat and second position in another seven places pushing back either LDF or UDF. Similarly in Assam Congress and AIUD failed to unite people and to form strategic alliance against the BJP ignoring the wishes of secular sections and minority communities.
K M Shareef pointed out that Popular Front has foreseen this threat and reminded the concerned parties about their responsibility well in advance. But unfortunately the election results show that in spite of the large scale minority voting against BJP, the unscrupulous approach of the above parties surrendered Assam to Hindutva politics and eased the Hindutva agenda in Kerala.
He congratulated Trinamool Congress in West Bengal, AIADMK in Tamil Nadu and LDF in Kerala for their victory and hoped that their newly formed state governments will fulfill the aspirations of common people in the respective state.

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