NCHRO demands unconditional release of Prof. Saibaba

New Delhi: National Confederation of Human Rights Organizations (NCHRO) condemned the arrest of Delhi University Professor Saibaba by the Maharashtra police, who was alleged of links with Maoists.

The statement issued by NCHRO said that the police which allege of Maoist links are known for continuous human rights violations in Saibaba’s case. The police have been harassing the Professor for the past few months. On September 2013, the police made an unwarranted entry into his house and confiscated the laptop and hard disk. Professor Saibaba is a known face in the continuous struggle against imperialist and capitalist forces. He is also a noted human rights activist and intellectual.

The police, who have no respect for human rights, are treating the professor as a criminal. The case has been registered under the black law UAPA, which is used to curtail popular public protests. NCHRO vehemently condemns his arrest. The police should follow the guidelines given by the Supreme Court in the D.K.Basu Vs West Bengal Government case. The human rights organizations and social activists should come forward and voice their concern against the police atrocities that are implemented in the name of anti-Maoist activities.

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