White paper on representation of Muslims and others in education and public sector jobs required, demands Popular Front

A petition has been filed in the Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court, by certain vested interest groups, demanding the cancellation of reservation for Muslims. The group has stated that the reservation for Muslims will affect the other backward classes. Muslims, who were part of the backward class, were given reservation as they remain under developed on the social and educational fields.

Sachar Commission, which made an extensive study on the social and educational condition of the Muslisms, stated that the Muslims in the backward class lag far behind the backward class Hindus. The 3.5% reservation for the Muslims was made by carving out from the existing 30% reservation for the backward class. The now existing 26.5% reservation will in no way affect the backward classes, as the Muslims are already carved out from the list. The State Government is studying the options to increase the reservation for the Muslims, as the 3.5% reservation is not enough for their social and educational development.

The present petition is filed to hinder the development of the Muslims. The reservation for Muslims was given only after extensive study and deep analysis. But the present petition was filed without any study and it is a clear mockery of democracy. The vested interest groups are trying to destabilize the social harmony by using the reservation issue. The Government should publish a white paper on the representation of Muslims and other communities in education and public sector jobs, to give a clear picture to the people.

A.S. Ismail,

State President, Tamil Nadu, 

Popular Front of India

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