Popular Front condemns the encounter killing in Telengana

New Delhi: Popular Front of India Chairman KM Shareef in a statement released today strongly condemned the extrajudicial execution of five Muslim youth who were under trial prisoners and were being shifted from Warangal prison to Hyderabad Criminal court for a trial.

Shereef pointed out that circumstantial evidence showed that the claim of the Telengana police that they shot dead the prisoners because the prisoners tried to attack police is far-fetched. It follows the same pattern of earlier fake encounters happened in our country, handcuffed prisoners holding guns who attacked the police yet could not do harm to the police. Besides, the advocates of the deceased tell of an earlier failed attempt to orchestrate this kind of an encounter. Such incidents are seeding distrust in the minds of people about the police.

KM Shareef demanded a judicial investigation to expose the truth and to bring before justice people played behind the heinous crime.

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