Message From Chairman, E Abubacker

Dear brothers
Assalamu Alaikum Warahmathullahi wa barakathu

As all of you are well aware, our country is going through a very crucial situation. Even democracy and freedom are under threat. Almost all people who are aware of the situation express their concern over the fascist attack on the constitutional values and peaceful co-existence in the nation. As always, Muslims and Dalits are in the most vulnerable situation.

But the ray of hope still exists. The verdict of the Supreme court in Hadiya case, verdict of sessions court in Jharkhand convicting the accused in a mob lynching case, etc are giving hope to the victims of hate politics and prove that a non-biased judiciary is here to safeguard justice and peoples’ interest.

This is the high time to work hard for the protection of rights and justice in all ways and means. People from all walks of life should unite and strive together for the protection of the basic values of our nation, keeping aside differences of opinion.

Of course, Popular Front of India, as a movement striving for the social reform and fighting for the rights and justice, in spite of all its limitations of resources, tried its best to involve in issues wherever needed. And, by the grace of the Almighty Allah, we could yield success in most of such interventions. This does not mean, no other people had worked in the field, or our movement is enough for solving all the problems of the community and the nation.

The current situation demands a strong level of mutual understanding between us. It is our responsibility to ensure that our words and deeds should not be hurting or leading to disunity. Organisations may have their own policies and strategies, their approaches towards issues may be different, and we may have our own views on each of them. However, our responses should be mature, and creating a feeling of togetherness and unity; STRICTLY not enmity and disunity.

All members and leaders of Popular Front should follow this instruction in their whole life, especially in social media discussions.

Once again, I remember the sacrifices of our brothers in the path of struggle for rights and justice, and especially the 44 brothers who were brutally tortured by the Jharkhand Police for leading a protest to arrest the culprits of mob lynching held in pakur during July 2017. I pray God to accept their pains, sweat and blood and give them rewards here and hereafter. Let the Almighty bestow us opportunity to unite our community as well as all peace loving people; and realize a nation in which all citizen can enjoy equal justice, freedom and security.

Wish you all the best


E. Abubacker
Popular front of India

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