Samjhauta train bomb blast case: Acquittal of all makes justice a mockery; NIA again proves an unfair agency

Popular Front of India Chairman E Abubacker has stated that the NIA court judgment acquitting Swami Aseemanand and three others in Samjhauta Express bomb blast case is a mockery of justice. He further stated that the suspicious role played by National Investigation Agency (NIA) in the investigation of the case, has once again proved it an unfair agency submissive to government pressure.
The bomb blast in the Samjhauta Express train running between India and Pakistan 12 years ago was one of the deadliest attacks in our country, carried out by Hindutva terror groups in which 68 innocent people were killed. Despite the confession of Swami Aseemanad before a magistrate, the fact that NIA failed to get him punished raises suspicion regarding the efficiency and credibility of the agency. NIA Court had earlier absolved him and many others in the Hindutva terror attack cases of Ajmer Sharif and Hyderabad Mecca Masjid, and in Malegaon. NIA has not shown any interest in collecting evidence against the criminals in any of these cases, as it has does with cases in which the accused carried Muslim names. All these cases have become examples of how terrorist acts get different treatment in our country based on the religion of the accused. Our courts were very keen in punishing the accused in certain blast cases where the accused happened to be from Muslim community.
E Abubacker remembered that the Samjhauta verdit of punishing none of the accused came on the same day of another verdict in similar Godhra train blast case in which an accused was awarded life term punishment. Though the reason for this double standard can be the difference in prosecution attitude, it brings disgrace to administration of justice in our country.
E Abubacker has demanded the Non-BJP parties in the election fray to express their opinion about the Samjhuata blast case verdict. In the light of this latest exposure about the double standards that govern NIA, he also asked Congress and other opposition parties to make clear if they are willing to dissolve the agency once they come to power.