Kashmir flood relief activities CD and brochure released

The beautiful land of Kashmir was devastated by the flood which, it is considered, as the worst flood that has ever hit the valley. More than 2600 villages were reported to be affected by floods and almost 390 villages in Kashmir were completely submerged. The preliminary assessment of damages to property was estimated between Rs.5000 cr to Rs.6000 cr. Major cities like Srinagar were severely damaged which resulted in the collapse of the local economy. The flood left thousands homeless life of people was shattered.
Popular Front of India immediately announced a relief project for Kashmir and a survey team was dispatched to assess the situation. Based on the ground reports, Popular Front relief work was launched with major focus on areas like medicine, food, clothes and housing. A full-fledged team of relief volunteers who had previously carried out relief work during Tsunami, Assam and Bihar floods, Mangalore flight accidents Muzaffarnagar and Assam riots was sent to the flood affected areas. The Kashmir Flood Relief was entirely supervised by the national leadership of Popular Front.
We documented the activities of our brothers who tirelessly worked defying extreme weather in valley day and night. The video CD and the brochure that detail our were released in small function held at Malabar House on 20/3/2015

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