Popular Front condemns church attacks in Pakistan

New Delhi: Popular Front of India chairman K M Shareef in a statement strongly condemned atrocities by some mysterious militant groups on the religious minorities and innocent civilians in Pakistan. Shareef expressed deep sorrow over the loss of lives of innocent Christians in the church attacks in Lahore yesterday. Such attacks have already turned that country into a hell not only for the minorities, but the entire people of Pakistan. The brutalities against minorities cannot be tolerated in any civilized society.
Shareef stated that those militant groups who commit savage acts on their own people of different faith or sects within same religion are ridiculing their own claim of fighting foreign occupation and colonial aggression. Even though the attackers might claim to link their acts with religion, the real fact is that the teachings of all religion categorically forbid attacking innocents.
What ills Pakistan or some Middle East countries recently is the absence of real freedom and democracy that amount to anarchy along with foreign occupation or intervention. Shareef pointed out that the genuine people’s movements in countries occupied or targeted by neo-colonial forces must ensure that religious divides are not created due to their acts and the religious minorities are fully protected by them.

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