Popular Front hails emerging public opinion against ban in Jharkhand

A resolution passed by the National Executive Council meeting of Popular Front of India welcomed the growing public opinion against the anti-democratic ban on the organization in BJP ruled Jharkhand. The meeting expressed gratitude to all organisations and leaders who have openly spoken out against the ban. It is quite hopeful that a large section of Human Rights activists, Muslims organizations and political leaders have identified the increasingly intolerant and repressive moves being adopted by Sangh Parivar against any form of dissent and are ready to extend their support to Popular Front of India. The meeting urged the Central government and Jharkhand state government to take these responses as a serious reminder against their unconstitutional ways and withdraw the undemocratic decision of Popular Front ban immediately.

Opposes FIR against Maulana Sajjad Nomani

In another resolution, NEC of Popular Front questioned the validity of the FIR against All India Muslim Personal Law Board spokesperson and Islamic Scholar Maulana Sajjad Nomani. All the allegations contained in the complaint are baseless. Maulana Nomani is a leader who has always stood for constitutional values against the forces that try to undermine the same. This is part of the attempt to silence Muslim leaders and activist who speak against Sangh Parivar using their obedient lackeys within the community. The meeting expressed solidarity with Maulana Nomani and reminded that such gimmicks are not going to stop him from speaking the truth.

RSS General Secretary challenges Judiciary

Another resolution adopted by the NEC meeting demanded action against RSS General Secretary Bhaiyaji Joshi’s inflammatory remarks that “Ram temple will be constructed at that place (Ayodhya) and nothing else can be built there”. He also reported to have claimed that Mandir will be built there immediately after Supreme Court verdict. Such remarks, while Supreme Court order on the issue is still pending are indicative of the disdainful attitude of Sangh Parivar towards Judiciary and the democratic system of the country at large. From this threat to build Ram Mandir at any cost, it becomes clear Sangh Parivar either doesn’t care the apex court or they are pressurizing Supreme Court to have a verdict in their favour. The meeting appealed to the Hon’ble Chief Justice of India to initiate legal action against RSS general secretary and other RSS-BJP leaders who repeatedly subdues the autonomy of Supreme Court in pending Babri Masjid – Ramjanm Bhoomi title case.

Left parties should stay with struggles of the poor

In another resolution, the NEC meeting of Popular Front observed that Left parties even after their defeat in Tripura election have proved capable of playing a significant role in bringing change in the country. Even though it lost elections in Tripura, the voting pattern in the state indicates CPIM remains a major force in the state, that too when the Congress party came up with a dismal results. It is to be noted that the entire population of the North-East except Assam is below 150 lakhs and hence taking the results as reflective of a nationwide trend is misleading. The lead role played by All India Kisan Sabha in the recent farmers’ protest in Maharashtra shows that it is still too early write off left parties and that they can still carry the voice of the poor in the country. The meeting hoped that left parties dispense with their parliamentary ambitions and stay with the marginalised classes and their struggles against anti-people government policies. Chairman E Abubacker presided over the meeting held at Malappuram in Kerala. Those who attended the meeting include vice chairman O M A Salam, general secretary M. Mohammed Ali Jinnah, secretaries Abdul Wahid Sait and Anis Ahmed, E M Abdul Rahiman, K M Shareef, Adv. Mohammed Yusuf, Prof. P Koya, A S Ismail, Mohammed Roshan and others.

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