Ajmer blast case verdict proves Hindutva terror role: Popular Front

Popular Front of India chairman E Abubacker in a statement issued here today described the NIA special court verdict in Ajmer dargah blast case as disappointing since it has exonerated the main conspirators including Swami Aseemanand and it did not brought to light the master brains involved in the incident. At the same time, E Abubacker observed that the conviction of Devendra Gupta, Bhavesh Patel and Sunil Joshi who was an RSS pracharak later found killed in mysterious circumstances, clearly establishes the undeniable role of Hindutva outfits and leaders in this 2007 terror attack.

The investigating agencies, initially the Rajasthan ATS and later the NIA, found that the same radical Hindu outfit carried out the blasts at Ajmer Dargah and Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad. The convicted Hindutva activists were alleged to have role in other blasts as well. It remains a failure of the probe teams that they could not take into custody three RSS leaders booked in this case, Kalsnangre, Dange and Nair and they are still reported as missing. They are accused in the Samjhuta Express terror attack and Malegaon blasts also.

It is noteworthy that in one of the charge-sheets, the name of top RSS leader Indresh Kumar also appeared as a suspect in the case, but he was neither questioned nor included in the list of accused. The charge sheet even specified that Indresh Kumar was part of a secret meeting meant for planning the Ajmer blast.

E Abubacker has also pointed to the contradictions underlined in the approaches of judiciary while dealing the cases of terror attacks and conspiracies. While Swami Aseemanand was acquitted by giving the benefit of doubt in spite of his confession statement, it is only a few days back another trail court in the country has convicted life imprisonment for Sai Babha, a physically challenged professor for the crime of communicating with Maoists. Certain documents which police produced were founded as evidences enough for his conviction. E Abubacker called for effective democratic interventions for correcting this trend of double standards which is recently on the increase and for ensuring equal justice in all cases having political dimensions.

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