Popular front day celebrated at Maharashtra

It was on this date that Popular Front of India was dedicated to the people of India as a national organization in the historic Empower India Conference held at Bangalore in 2007. The National organization was formed by merging three state organizations NDF, KFD and MNP that were working in Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Later the National Executive Council of Popular Front of India has decided to celebrate 17th February as Popular Front Day. Since then Popular front members and well wishers all over the country celebrated this day as foundation day of Popular front of India.

On Popular Front Day, every unit of the organization hoisted the Flag and distributed sweets. Public welfare schemes, medical camps, public meetings and rallies are conducted for the past three years to mark the day.

The State committee organized a rally named as Unity March, followed by a public meeting across the Nation. This year Popular Front Day highlighted the theme “United for Democracy” through pamphlets, posters and public addresses.

As part of the celebration in Maharashtra, State president Mohammed khan hoisted the flag at the head office in Pune, then headed to khadki were also flag hoisting takes place by Razi Mohammed, Pune dist. President of Popular front of India followed by the public program. To end of the program school books distributed to the poor and needy students.

In Aurangabad, the flag hoisted near Roushan gate and distributed sweets followed by public program.

In Nanded SWC member Azeem Sir hoisted the flag, followed by paper releasing 4 pages multi colour special edition containing introduction of Popular front and its activity published in Urdu language by Urdu daily “Yaqeen” newspaper in 1000 circulation. Public program also conducted under the theme of “United for Democracy”. With the end of this public meeting Scholarship were also distributed to the needy students.

The past 7 years since the launching of the organization at the national level Popular Front has brought to the forefront through various campaigns, issues like menace of communal fascism, gaining political empowerment of marginalized classes, providing reservation in education and employment, stopping atrocities against dalits, tribals and minorities, repealing black laws, ending illegal detentions and reconstruction of Babri Masjid etc.

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