Excluding major Muslim communities from Minority Development Corporation will worsen communal divide in Assam: Popular Front

Popular Front of India National Secretary Abdul Wahid Sait has questioned the decision of Assam’s Welfare of Minorities and Development Department to rename Khilonjiya Muslim Development Corporation by excluding the majority among Muslim minority community.

“The decision would further widen the rift between the religious communities in Assam”, said Mr.Wahid Sait in a statement issued here today.

Ranjit Dutta, Assam’s Welfare of Minorities minister has announced the decision of renaming the Corporation replacing the words Khilonjiya and Muslim with only the names of specific Assamese ethnic Muslim communities.

It has been the demand of All Assam Kochari Samaj to exclude non-tribal communities in Assam from the ambit of ‘Khilonjiya’ or ‘indigenous’.In fact, it is a double edged weapon of BJP government, on the one hand, to turn ethnic Assamese Muslims against other Muslims and on the other to further harass Bangla speaking Muslims.

Implementation of NRC and passage of CAB has already turned the state into unrest and turned ethnic groups against the BJP. The present move is also viewed as an attempt to appease and pacify the agitated Assamese ethnic groups.

Mr. Abdul Wahid Sait demanded that the government withdraw from this discriminatory and divisive move against non-Assamese minorities.