Popular Front of India will continue to strive for the rights of the oppressed

February 3, 2014

A small incident that occurred in a small village Nellikuppam of Cuddalore district on October 26, 2004 created a state wide commotion. The clash that erupted as a result of personal enmity between two groups was designed as a terrorist incident by the then Cuddalore Superintendent of Police Prem Kumar. He took great efforts in curtailing the activities of Manitha Neethi Paasarai (MNP), the antecedent of Popular Front of India.

MNP democratically strived for the rights of the oppressed and the minorities. False charges were foisted against Muslim youth human rights violations were rampant at that time and MNP voiced for these youth democratically. Legal awareness campaigns were conducted and legal help was also provided. In such a situation, a small clash was used by the district police department to curtail the activities of MNP. Muslim houses were raided in Nellikuppam without proper procedure and people were arrested at will.

Twenty six people including three women were arrested in this case. The Cuddalore First Judicial magistrate acquitted all the accused for want of evidence in this case, which has stretched for years. Popular Front of India strongly condemns the high handedness of the police that focus on curtailing the activities of the movements that work for the rights of the depressed section of the society. Popular Front of India reiterates that it will overcome the hurdles and continue to strive for the rights of the oppressed.

A.S. Ismail

State President

Popular Front of India

Tamil Nadu

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