Great conspiracy to bury Communal Violence Bill: Popular Front

Popular Front Chairman KM Shareef in his statement released today expressed his deep resentment over the conspiracy of inaction on the Communal Violence (Prevention) Bill hatched by both the ruling and opposition parties. Shareef suspected that government intention in introducing the bill was not genuine as it was obvious from the poor defence it had put up for the bill. This is a conspiracy in which both the government and opposition successfully played their part and shows their inclination to bow before the bullying communal forces.

Almost seven decades after independence, inhuman attacks against religious and linguistic minorities and backward classes are still a regular occurrence and unarguably one of the major threats to our great nation. Minorities, human right advocates and tens of thousands of voiceless victims pinned hopes on the bill. Although defective the bill they thought would stop the sporadic killings which has become a great blemish on the nation and will be a major step to deliver criminal justice.

He also said it was shocking that left parties had joined hands with communal forces against the bill. It proves that they too do not have much to offer to solve one of the gravest threats to the country. The same thing happened when new draconian provisions were added to law UAPA in the wake of Mumbai attacks despite the warnings against its potential misuse from human right activists.

He called on the people of India  to react to this betrayal in the upcoming General Election and continue their fight for its passage in the parliament.

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