Let’s ignore the anti-secular forces:Popular Front

Popular Front of India vehemently condemns the anti-reservation comments of Subramanian Swamy. Reservation is the right bestowed by the constitution based upon the social justice. The fascist forces are continuously making efforts to disturb the communal harmony of our nation, which comprises people of different religion, language and caste. Reservation is essential for the equal development of all the sections. The various commissions formed by the Government, to study about the standard of Muslims, have declared that reservation is essential for the development of the community.
In such a situation, the comments of Subramaniam Swamy clearly indicate his anti-minority sentiment. The Bharatiya Janata Party, in which Swamy recently joined, also make a hue and cry on reservation only when it talks about Muslims. Popular Front of India, request the people to identify and ignore such fascist forces, which are just concerned about their own welfare with an eye on the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections.

State President,
Popular Front of India,
Tamil Nadu

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