CPM attack in Nadhapuram planned: Popular Front

In a joint statement of Popular Front state president Abdul Hameed and General Secretary KH Nazar said that the sweeping attack, burning and looting of Muslims houses in broad daylight in Nadharapuarm following the murder of a CPM worker, was not a sudden break out of anger, but a planned attack on a particular community. That they marked Muslim houses before they unleashed the attack shows that it was pre-planned. Complete destruction of the properties of Muslim community , most of which are the result of lifelong hard-work in Gulf countries, was visible everywhere in the locality. This can no way be tolerated in a state like Kerala where all communities live harmoniously Our political leadership is remaining silent over this one-sided atrocities of CPM. The reason for the continued violence in the Area is the compromise politics of League-CPM leadership. Vehicles, household items, certificates Rations cards and even wells were completely burned down. The attacker, constituted by 100 of CPM youth from neighbouring localities, took away everything they could and the rest were set ablaze.

The Chief Minster and Home Minister should immediately visit the place and make sure justice is served to the victims, the leaders demanded. The criminals on both sides should be brought to book. The victims say that the attack worsened because the police turned a deaf ear to their continuous calls for help while they were being attacked. This should also be investigated The leaders also said that they would be fighting for justice through legal and democratic means until justice is done to the victims.

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