Popular Front expresses concern over moves against minority character of AMU and reservation in promotions

New Delhi: In resolution passed by the National Secretariat meeting, Popular Front of India expressed concerns over the moves against the dalits, backward classes and minorities as reflected in the recent pronouncements against reservation in promotions and minority character of Aligarh Muslim University.
Amend Central Government stand against minority character of AMU: Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi said before a Supreme Court bench that it was the stand of the Union of India that AMU is not a minority university. This statement is a clear shift of stand from that of previous governments. The minority status of Aligarh Muslim University is a matter which had been frequently affirmed by past governments by various bills and laws. By this shift of stand, the message the central government passes to the Muslim community is sinister by all means. Not only that it is not doing anything to uplift a community which remains most backward among backward communities but also it is shutting down existing sources of hope for the community. We call on community leaders and organizations and people of all sections to come forward to defeat such moves at any cost.
Review Supreme Court verdict against reservation in promotions: In another resolution the meeting expressed disagreement with Supreme Court decision to disallow quota reservation in promotions. The decision is against the very sprit of reservation and it obstructs the advancement of the SCs, STs and backward classes. The meeting requested to review the verdict, which is against the interest of the constitutional value of social justice.
Retain the Ministry of Overseas Affairs: In another resolution the meeting opposed central government decision to abolish Ministry of Overseas Affairs and to merge it with the Ministry of External Affairs. This is a unilateral decision which has not taken into account the concerns of lakhs of Indians working in the Gulf countries. There is already great deal of dissatisfaction with the way government deal with the issues of expatriates. New decision will only increase the problems which are already costing us greatly by way of loss of employment opportunities. The Secretariat Meeting demanded to reconsider the move, retain the Ministry of Overseas Affairs and relax the system in favour of expatriate community.
Chairman K M Shareef, General Secretary M Muhammed Ali Jinna, P N Muhammed Roshan, E M Abdul Rahiman, Abdul Wahid Sait attended the meeting.

With regards
Muhammad Ali Jinnah
General Secretary
Popular Front of India
New Delhi

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