Popular Front Legal Aid in Muzaffarnagar Riot cases: Allahabad High Court orders to conduct Fair Investigation

Allahabad High Court ordered the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Muzaffarnagar to conduct fair investigation in four cases in which 13 Muslims were killed during the Muzaffarnagar riots, 2013.

The High Court orders is on the writ petitions filed by Popular Front of India through the relatives of the deceased persons before Allahabad High Court. When the writ petitions came up for hearing, the court ordered, “Considering the facts and circumstances of the case, these petitions are disposed of with a direction to the SSP, Muzaffarnagar to ensure that fair investigation is conducted and concluded in the offences, referred in the FIRs, in accordance to law within a period of two months from the date of production of certified copy of this order”.

Adv. S.M. Nazir Abbas Abedi, Adv. K.P. Mohamed Sheriff (Co-ordinator, National Lawyers’ Network), Adv. A. Mohamed Yusuff (National Executive Member, Popular Front of India), Adv. Saipan Sheikh (Maharashtra State General Secretary of NCHRO) appeared for the petitioners Haneef, Yameen, Saeed Hasan and Asia.

Case Details

1. WP No. 29908 of 2015, Haneef -Vs- State of UP in Cr. No. 366/2013, PS Kandhla, District Shamli, PS Fugana, District Muzaffarnagar, Deceased person 1) Nasiruddin)

2. WP No. 29909 of 2015, Yameen -Vs- State of UP in Cr. No. 376/2013, PS Fugana, District Muzaffarnagar, Deceased persons 1) Hakkimu s/o. Bandda, 2) Choti w/o. Bandda, 3) Nabbu s/o. Nakkali, 4) Jarifo W/o. Nabbu and 5) Sukkan s/o. Mamraj

3. WP No. 29910 of 2015, Saeed Hasan -Vs- State of UP in Cr. No. 260/2013, PS Fugana, District Muzaffarnagar, Deceased persons 1) Haji Sirajuddin s/o. Iddu, 2) Hamiddan W/o Haji Sirajuddin, 3) Karmu s/o kamarddin, 4) Umarddin s/o Siddiq and 5) Wakila W/o Yameen

4. WP No. 29911 of 2015, Saeed Hasan -Vs- State of UP in Cr. No. 251/2013, PS Fugana, District Muzaffarnagar, Deceased persons 1) ) Ajmuddin s/o Genda, 2) Haliman W/o Ajmuddin

Popular Front set up a Legal Aid Office at Muzaffarnagar for the riot victims in November 2013 immediately after the riots. Adv. K.P. Mohamed Sheriff, Adv. A. Mohamed and Adv. Saipan convened a meeting of lawyers at Muzaffarnagar to fight for the riot victims and panel of advocates are at work since then. So far, 85 aggrieved families received compensation of five lakhs each from the state government through the Legal Aid Office of Popular Front. The organisation has been following around fifty cases at this Legal Aid Office.

As per the affidavit filed by the state govt before the Supreme Court last year in a PIL, the court noted that 566 cases registered during the communal violence in Muzaffarnargar and adjoining districts of Shamli, Baghpat, Saharanpur and Meerut. Out of 566 cases, 533 cases are of Muzaffarnagar, 27 of Shamli and 2 each of Baghpat, Saharanpur and Meerut. Of these 566 cases, 59 cases are of murder and rest are of arson, dacoit, and grievous injury and of miscellaneous type. Six cases of rape have also been registered.


M. Mohamed Ali Jinna
General Secretary

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