The National Executive Council Resolution.

Press Release / 09 July 2021

The National Executive Council Meeting held at Calicut Held on 09/07/2021 has passed the following resolution.

Resolution -1
Mohan Bhagwat’s ‘peace speech’ mere rhetoric contradicted by RSS actions

Addressing a Muslim Rashtriya Manch program in Gaziabad, Bhagwat said that if a Hindu says that no Muslim should live here, then the person is not Hindu. This is a superficial characterization of India’s present socio-political situation as mere a Hindu Muslim problem is an attempt to divert people’s attention from the real issue, which is the communal fascist ideology being promoted by Sangh Parivar and Bhagvat himself. RSS actions, past and present, are the largest proof against Bhagwat’s words. While RSS leaders use sugar-coated words on outer platforms, on the ground they promote violence against Muslims. The new shift to ‘liberal inclusive language’ is no sign of any moderation taking place in RSS but a sign of the fear that RSS’ open display of bigotry may cause them setbacks nationally internationally. RSS and BJP have not stopped the persecution of Muslims in BJP ruled states. On the contrary, they are promulgating Nazi-model laws with the sole purpose of vilifying and alienating Muslims. Sangh Parivar leaders making open calls to kill Muslims hardly face any legal consequence, rather, they receive political rewards.

Resolution -2
Curb growing Islamophobia and hate crimes against Muslims
There is an alarming surge in attacks and lynching incidents against Muslims. This is the direct result of the continuous Islamophobic rumors, hate speeches, and open calls for attacks against the Muslim community. Popular Front cautions that unless the authorities fail to bring the situation under control, it might spiral to large-scale violence.

Resolution -3
Cabinet reshuffle is a blatant admission of the total failure
Modi’s cabinet reshuffle is a blatant admission of the total failure of the government in managing the economic and public health crisis that has hit the country. It is undeniable that Modi mismanagement, administrative failures, and policy blunders resulted in the situation that has led to hundreds of thousands of deaths, large-scale poverty, and unemployment. Modi who would not bother going to any lengths to take credit for everything is now trying to wash his hands of the failures by blaming his colleagues. In other words, Modi is accepting the fact that his government has so far been a failure.

Resolution -4
Sinister designs behind Amit Sha’s taking over of Cooperation Ministry
Home Minister Amit Sha’s enthusiasm to take over the newly formed Cooperation Ministry has sinister designs behind it. In Gujarat, they were able to bring all the cooperative societies under RSS control, which made people dependant on RSS for everything to do with the cooperative societies. This is the saffronization of cooperative societies and thrift societies all over India. This will pay huge political dividends to BJP. The majority of India’s farmers, laborers, and low-income groups are associated with the cooperative societies network in one way or other. If it is brought under the control of any political camp, it will be easy for them to influence voters. Therefore, this is a politically motivated move eying on the vote bank. Other than that, there is no reason for Home Minister to take over the cooperative sector.

Come together against UAPA and Sedition Law
In another resolution, the National Executive Council expressed deep sorrow and resentment over the unfortunate circumstance of the departure of Father Stan Swami while being a prisoner. The best tribute we can pay for Father is the repeal of all draconian laws that allow the state to take away people’s human rights. He breathed his last without getting a reply to his petition challenging Section 43D(5) of UAPA, which is completely against the spirit of the Constitution and makes granting of bail virtually impossible. As per the provision, courts are not even allowed to question the merit of the case and must accept state’s accusations without even examining them. Though the court offered Stan Swami private medical care, he insisted on getting bail. His death should bring all sections of the society, especially the judiciary, around to question the existence of legislations like UAPA. It is welcoming that opposition leaders have come out against the misuse of UAPA. However, it is not merely a matter of misuse; rather, in a democracy, there is no place for a draconian law like UAPA, and the only demand should be to repeal UAPA. Popular Front calls on the opposition leaders to come together to demand a complete repeal of UAPA and colonial-era Sedition Law.