Telangana Police cases against activists fabricated; demands immediate release: Popular Front

Popular Front strongly condemns Telangana Police’s attempts to tarnish the organization and arrest its members by implicating them in fake cases.

Nizamabad Police have arrested members of the Popular Front and charged them under UAPA. The allegations made against them are false, and the case is completely fabricated by the police. More members of the Popular Front are now purposely being added to the case with an ulterior motive to target the organization in the entire state. The intention behind the case is clearly to stall the activities and growth of the Popular Front in the region.

Abdul Khader, who was arrested first in Nizamabad, has been a martial art trainer for the last 30 years. He is known as a trainer who conducts martial arts classes as part of his profession. Secondly, there was no meeting of PFI on 4th July at the place as alleged by the police, which proves that the Nizamabad police narrative is full of concoctions.

There are also attempts to link Popular Front to the Amravati murder, which is also part of the ongoing campaign against the organization. As soon as BJP came to power in Maharashtra, the NIA was brought into the investigation of the case with an instruction to establish the PFI link. The attitude of NIA in this case till now further establishes the fact that it is a political decision to target Popular Front. We strongly condemn this vendetta politics and the misuse of central agencies.

Mohamed Shakif,
Secretary Media & Public Relations,
Popular Front of India.