Popular Front helps Muzaffarnagar refugees to Overcome worsening winter

New Delhi: As winter worsened the already pathetic situation of various relief camps in Muzaffarnagar, Popular Front Activists have intensified their ongoing relief activities in the region. It has been reported that situations in the camps have become so bad that dozens of babies died due to unbearable cold in this winter.

Popular Front volunteers assessed the situation that led to the death of the babies. They distributed blankets, Carpets and baby food kits containing food for one month for a baby. Around 300 such kits were distributed to most suffering families in Jhola, Loyee, Husainpur, Jogiaya Kheda, Malakpur, Pathed, Rotan and Sunethi. This is the third round of relief distribution among the unfortunate refuges by Popular Front.

Popular Front Muzaffarnagar Relief In charge Moulana Muhammed Shadab said that it’s highly objectionable that Uttar Pradesh Government remains indifferent even when babies are dying in severe winter.

The government authorities should immediately shift those refugee families sheltered in tents to permanent buildings. He said that if this is not done either by vacating government buildings or by renting private buildings, state government will be held responsible for more possible winter deaths. “The voluntary organizations with limited resources alone cannot solve all problems”, he said.

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