Popular Front Calls Upon The People To Maintain Law & Order

New Delhi: Popular Front of India National Secretary Abdul Wahid Sait, in a statement issued in the backdrop of a few reports of violence related to the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) called upon the people to maintain law & order and to keep peace and harmony; along with remaining steadfast in the fight for restoration of democratic rights.

It’s a welcome sign that different social organizations and activists groups are voluntarily coming forward and organizing protests in different parts of the country against the anti-constitutional act of communalizing the very concept of citizenship. These protests demonstrate the anger of the people irrespective of religious affiliations, against the BJP government led by the divisive RSS ideology of hate. In the interest of citizenship right protection the agitations should not go violent and out of control at any cost. There are chances of attempts to divert the agitation through created provocations to suit the political agenda of those forces that need division of people for their survival. Their double standards and ulterior motives are well reflected in the efforts of protecting the Assam Chief Minister and ousting the Bengal Chief Minister, though the situation is worse in Assam than West Bengal. The reports of police provocation and high-handedness in certain incidents also underline the need of people to move ahead with sufficient caution and vigil.

Abdul Wahid Sait reminded the people agitating against the blatant injustice of citizenship denial to ensure that all protests are democratic and peaceful and not leading to anarchy and breach of law and order.