Popular Front extends support to all form of people’s agitation against demonetization

The chairman of Popular Front of India, KM Shareef has issued statement conveying the support of Popular Front to all forms of people’s agitation against demonetization. He stated “the recent decision of demonetization by the central government is being vehemently opposed by the citizens across the country. As reported by various media this decision has impacted all sections of the society and more specifically the farmers, traders, daily wage labourers and economically weaker sections. The government has committed a grave mismanagement in the name of fighting corruption and imposed a financial emergency for people. This decision has already turned out to be an anti-poor decision and as per various economists it doesn’t have any major impact on the section which holds black money.Following the democratic principles of our nation various parties and organization are agitating against this action. Popular Front being a movement which strives for the masses will completely support all forms of people’s agitation against demonetization.”
Mr. KM Shareef also urged the nation to reject the paid propaganda of the BJP to market this move as a boon to the country. He stated “such anti-people step should be opposed by the citizen of the country to send a clear message to the government that it is duty is to serve the people of the nation and never implement such anti-people policies”.

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