POPULAR FRONT CONFERENCE: Goa too reverberated strong waves “We also have something to say”

17 NOVEMBER 2017, MARGAO, GOA: Popular Front held a massive conference entitled “We also have something to Say” at Green Amaze Garden, Margao. Sadiq Mulla, Secretary welcomed the Guests and the large gathering at the Venue. Popular Front Chairman E. Abubakar said ‘India is a Democratic Country, everybody has the right to express himself & today is an opportunity to express ourselves’. He said that ‘Demonetization has derailed Indian Economy, rich becoming richer & poor are paying the price for it’. The present government has betrayed the trust of Indians by giving false promises, like “Acche Din”, he said. He further added, insecurity has cropped among the minorities & this has to be eradicated at any cost.

Speaking on the occasion, human rights organization NCHRO-Goa President Fr. Savio Fernandes said, ‘our rights are not safeguarded, if we speak anything against the government, you are declared as terrorist’. Illegalities in all forms have become order of the day in the present government, he said. Popular Front National Secretary Abdul Wahid Sait strongly condemned the allegations labelled against the Popular Front by the Media & Investigative Agencies. He said that ‘NIA & fascist forces are working against the social fabric of the country as he gave the statistics of Criminal Cases of various organizations & political parties and said why they should not be banned’. He clarified all the allegations leveled against the organization by the NIA, Media & said that such malicious campaign will not help as People are questioning their Credibility. He said that ‘Popular Front is working at the grass root level to empower the downtrodden & marginalized section of the Society, we work with all the communities in India & Muslims have done a lot to this Country’. He explained the difference between Hindus & Hindutwa and clarified that Hindus are our brethren.

Sant Bhajnaramjee of Rajasthan spoke on Hindu-Muslim Unity which is prevalent for more than 1,000 years in India. He said that ‘there are strong fascist forces who are working overtime to bring disunity among Hindu-Muslim unity and we be cautious about them’. He said ‘India belongs to all irrespective of religion, caste and creed and nobody has the right to claim authority over it’. He said ‘Popular Front is working for the welfare of the Society and the fascist forces are trying to stifle them, but, they have no right in any way to do it’. SDPI-Karnataka President Abdul Hanan said, ‘RSS is like a Serpant & PFI is like a rope which helps in lifting up the suppressed’. The Authorities are trying their level best to project PFI as a terror outfit and the people of India are wise enough to know their evil plans, he said. He further added, ‘Popular Front is working hard to eradicate fascism from this country and we hope it will happen one day’.

Popular Front of India-Goa Sayed Iftiyaz thanked the large number of gathering for their overwhelming support to Popular Front. He said, ‘We are being made to run from pillar to post after permission given by the authorities was revoked at the last minute on the instruction of higher ups for the conference to be held on 29th October, 2017’. He said, ‘We are Goans and we love Goa more than anything else and this revoking of permission is against the Constitution of India’. He thanked Almighty God, the Guests on the Dais, the People who gathered in large numbers, the Police, the Authorities who gave permission inspite of all opposition. He also made a special mention of the TCP Minister, Vijay Sardesai for his overwhelming support to Popular Front by providing the venue and helped in seeking permission from the government. He further said, Popular Front of India-Goa thanks everyone who stood with us in the hour of crisis.

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