Babri Masjid Case Verdict: Popular Front welcomes Muslim Personal Law Board decision to file review petition and reject alternate land

New Delhi: The National Executive Council meeting of Popular Front of India has welcomed the decision of All India Muslim Personal Law Board to file review petition against the Supreme Court verdict in Babri Masjid case and to decline the five acres alternate land offer in the judgement.
The Supreme Court verdict directing to build temple on the site of demolished Babri Masjid was a clear travesty of justice, discrimination against Muslims and a blow to constitutional principles. No citizen of conscience can accept such an order from an apex court. By deciding to go against the verdict through a review petition and by the rejecting the offer of five acres of land, the Muslim Personal Law Board not only reflects the sentiment of the Indian Muslims community and the Indian society at large , it also performs a historic duty to the nation. The meeting congratulated the All India Muslim Personal Law Board president, general secretary and working committee members in taking the decision that upholds the spirit of justice.
Muslim Personal Law Board is the representative apex platform of Indian Muslims and its decisions have more value than the opinions of any other individual or group. The list of participants in the present meeting that include Moulana Rabi Nadvi, Moulanan Wali Rahmani, Adv. Zafryab Jeelani, Moulana Mahmood Madani, Moulana Arshad Madani, Asaduddin Owaisi, MP etc also illustrative of this fact. National Secretary of Popular Front Abdul Wahid Sait also attended the AIMPLB meeting.
The NEC meeting of Popular Front discussed details of the Supreme Court judgment and found it strange that it failed to come to a just decision based on its own findings. The reputation and credibility of Indian judiciary is seriously damaged by the untenable verdict. No institution is infallible and the onus of restoring the lost credibility of Supreme Court of India rests with itself. Popular Front reiterated its view that the Supreme Court has delivered a political verdict and that amount to blatant denial of justice.
The meeting called upon the people to continue speaking against injustice and keep the memories of the demolished Babri Masjid alive through democratic and peaceful programmes. The NEC of Popular Front renewed its pledge to stand in the forefront in struggles for restoration of justice to Babri Masjid.
The meeting was attended by national functionaries and others leaders including O M A Salam, M Mohammed Ali Jinnah, Anis Ahmed, Prof P Koya, E M Abdul Rahiman, K M Shareef, A S Ismail, Nasruddin Elamaram, Mohammed Ismail, Mohammed Saquib, Afsar Pasha, Karamana Ashraf Moulavi, K Sadath, Adv. Muhamed Yousuf and Ya Moideen.