Popular Front’s Grand Conference at Aurangabad Called for a Strong United Fight Against Fascists

Aurangabad, Maharashtra, 28 Oct 2017: After the massive success of a series of #WeAlsoHaveSomethingToSay Grand Conferences in southern part of the country, it is the historic city of Aurangabad in Maharashtra which witnessed thousands of people extending their solidarity with Popular Front, the pan-India organization, against which the Hindutva led government at the Centre and a section of media are desperately engaged in tarnishing its image.

Popular Front Secretary Anis Ahmed, in his address to the massive gathering at Shahensha Aurangazeb Alamgir Aam Khas Maidan, said, Popular Front of India is a social organization striving for justice, security and equality, for the common people of the country. The organization’s firm stand against the fascist forces in the country by way of constitutional fight against their anti-people policies is what enabled them to indulge in making desperate attempts of defaming the organization’s image and stifle its activities. This is done so that the people are left hopeless and there is disappointment in their minds and thus they do not develop positive change in their thoughts, said Anis.

All India Muslim Personal Law Board Secretary, Maulana Umrain Rahmani said, Muslims need not give proof of their love for the country as it is already a part of their faith. District coordinator of Jamat-e-Islmai Hind Abdul Wajid Qadri while referring to the statement of JIH leader Maulana Jalaluddin Umri, in which he had reportedly said the Jamat-e-Islami Hind has from day one opposed the campaign run against Popular Front of India and has categorically stated that any action against an organization that works as per the Constitution of India is an act against the Constitution itself.

SDPI general secretary Muhammad Shafi in his address said, the BJP government in order to divert attention away from its failure in bringing its much hyped agenda of development has been targeting Dalit, Adivasi and Muslim organizations by defaming and threatening them with ban. All India Muslim Personal Law Board spokesperson Maulana Sajjad Nomani, in his illuminating speech said, unless there is no socio-political awakening among the public at large, there won’t be any positive change in the country. He said Popular Front of India is working for the complete empowerment of Dalits, Adivasis and Muslims and any action against such an organization would be an attempt to demean the Constitution. Moulana Sajjad Nomani said, the Sanghi Brahminical forces are the real enemies and we all need to fight them out unitedly.

Popular Front Karnataka State President Muhammad Saqib reminded of BJP stalwart Advani’s attempt to instill fear among the citizens with his rath yatra and said, today he is living in oblivion, similarly a goon from Gujarat is currently spreading terror and trying to scare public, but we need not fear as we believe he too will meet the fate of his political guru Advani. Saqib termed the politicians cowards as they scare common people aiming at creating division within the communities on religious lines for their political gains.

The dignitaries participated in the grand conference expressed solidarity with the Popular Front of India. Popular Front Maharashtra state president Yusuf Sadath thanked the dignitaries, distinguished guests and an ocean of participants who had shown their love and support to the organization for its fight against injustice.

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