State Government should roll back Aavin milk price hike: Popular Front

Chennai: Tamilnadu State Government has announced a hike of ten rupees per litre of milk. The burden of price hike to compensate the losses should not be passed over to the public. The move by the Government to hike the purchase price at a lower rate and increase the selling price by ten rupees is unacceptable. The Government cannot justify the hike by saying that nearly 22 lakhs milk producers will benefit from the move, since crores of people will be affected by the same.

The hike cannot be borne by the poor and middle class families who are already affected by the price rise of commodities. Its unacceptable that steps are not taken to curb the corruption in the administration, while the burden is moved to the general public.

Hence Popular Front demands the roll back in the price hike, keeping in mind the welfare of the people.


State President – Tamilnadu

Popular Front of India

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