Popular Front cautions against attempts of communal polarisation to cover up administrative failures

Popular Front Chairman E Abubacker in a statement said that Sangh Pariwar is again intensively taking out the communal card in their attempt to avoid the grave governance failures becoming national discussion and polarise people ahead of election.

The performance of the NDA government since they came to power in 2014 has been a historic failure by all standards. While the government invariably served the interests of the corporates and the rich, the large majority of the citizens suffered due to anti-people policies like note ban and GST. In BJP ruled Uttar Pradesh, while babies continue to die at hospitals due to the lack basic facilities, the chief minister Yogi Adityanadh is busy organizing mass religious events. Even people who voted them to power are slowly waking up to realise this jeopardy. The dismal number of votes secured by BJP candidates in various by polls testifies this fact. The only way BJP can get through these failures is by dividing people along communal lines, as they have always done. It is for this purpose that different BJP leaders have now intensified stirring up Hindu communal sentiments using sensitive issues like ayodhya and Ram Mandir. The venomous statements being issued by some mediocre BJP leaders decrying the legacy of Taj Mahal is also part of its agenda to divert people anger in the context of forthcoming state elections. The prime minister and other top leaders of the party are also promoting this new round of controversies by their studied silence.
E Abubacker appealed people of this country to be wary of these evil designs, reject politics of communal polarisation and stand together to keep BJP out of power in states where election are due.

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