Indian Muslims have the ability to solve their problems: Popular Front

The recent announcement by the leader of Al Qaeda regarding the opening of its branch in India has been discussed widely in the media and social media circles. The authenticities of such videos are normally contested in most cases. The videos of former Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden have been proved as fake. It will not be surprising if this video is also proved to be fake in the future.

Such videos create a flutter initially and will not have any positive effect in the later stage. Also such videos are of much help to the anti Muslim elements than they serve the Muslim community. The support for Prime Minister Narendra Modi has already arrived from countries like the US.

Even if this video is authentic, we strongly condemn the contents of the video. The Indian Muslims have the ability to face the problems politically and democratically. Popular Front of India and the Muslims believe that the support of foreign forces is not required by the Indian Muslims.


Tamil Nadu State President,

Popular Front of India

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