Rubella Vaccine: Are the Fears baseless? PFI seminar

Thiruvananthapuram: PFI organized a seminar on “Rubella Vaccine: Are the Fears baseless?” in the State capital of Kerala,Trivandrum. The seminar observed that what the government implemented effecting the students studying in 9 and 10th standards was without needed preparation to distance the fears among the people about the vaccination, It had to conduct awareness campaign before implementing such a far reaching programme.
“The hue and cry emerged on the wake the vaccination is baseless,” opinioned Dr. Sirabudheen, DPO. “Vaccination was set to avoid serious complication related to health. Neither the govt. nor the health department has any population control project behind this,” he said.
“Arguments that vaccines destroy auto immunity system are baseless. They are given to destroy the object that causes for illness,” said Dr. P.V. Prashanth, editor, ‘Our Health’ Monthly, and IMA representative. “while those who give treatments without disease should be kept away from the field, the disease must be treated. Vaccines are needed for immunity,” he reiterated.
“Our fears related to the Rubella vaccine is unnecessary,” said Dr. Arifa Begum, member, KMA. “There is no any of side effects in vaccination for rubella, which is known as Third fever. Meanwhile avoiding the vaccination causes for increased possibility of serious health problems for the child when the mother suffers from this fever during the first three months of her pregnancy. Avoiding this is the main object of vaccination,” she added.
The speakers participated in the seminar shared their pro and against opinions, while K. Sadath, PFI stage general secretary controlled the seminar conducted in Trivandrum Hotel.
K. V. Sugathan, Popular Health Movement gen. convener, Dr. Shashikumar, writer, Dr. Ashraf psychologist, Salim Karaman, PFI state committee member, S. Naseema, NWF state vice president, Noushad, PFI District president, participated the seminar.

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